Chipotle Adventurrito Challenge

Adventurrito Chipotle

Chipotle started their Adventurrito challenge exactly 2 minutes ago, and the servers are already crashing. I’m glad to see we aren’t the only Chipotle fanatics out there.

To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, on 13 July 2013, Chipotle will take participants on a 20 day journey of puzzle solving and burrito treasure hunting. Every time you solve a puzzle, you are entered into a drawing for that day to win free burritos for a year. Yes please!!

They are randomly drawing 20 people every day to win the free burritos for a year. If you get the puzzle correct for the first 19 days, they will have a final puzzle on the 20th day for those that have made it to this point. The first 20 people to solve the puzzle will win free burritos for 20 years. No that is not a typo. Free burritos, one a week, for 52 weeks, for 20 freaking years…

Two-zero…TWENTY!!! In case you aren’t keeping track, that is 21,788 burritos total that Chipotle is giving away. Enough to feed one person for 419 years according to their press release.

I thought I figured out the answer right away but was unable to enter it at first due to the servers getting destroyed by the millions of Chipotleholics trying to get their hands on some free grub. During the course of writing this post, I managed to jump back on and put in my answer, unfortunately it said I was wrong. Luckily, you can enter an unlimited number of answers until you get it correct. OK, gotta go figure it out to stay in the competition. There is no chance I am not making it to Day 20 to compete for the grand prize.

You can sign up at if you can make it through the barrage of server crashes. Good Luck Chipoliticians!!!

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