Adventurrito Day 1: Pig-Spiration Point

OK, finally got the answer. It only took me a little over an hour. The puzzle said something along the lines of, “Steve Ells journey took him to a special place for pigs in Iowa.”

It took me about 5 seconds to find the name of the farm where Chipotle gets its free range port from, Niman Ranch. So I entered my answer, laughing to myself at how easy Chipotle had made this stupid puzzle game. “Sorry, last time we checked that is not the correct answer.” What???!!!!?!?!?!

After a bit more research, I realized that Niman Ranch is the name of a farming cooperative that have over 600 partner farms across the country. I had to dig a little deeper. I eventually came across the article in the Art of Food journal that inspired Steve Ells to use naturally raised meat.

I read through most of the article but could not find the name of the farm. I tried entering Paul Willis, the name of the owner of the farm. This still came up as incorrect. I read as many article as I could find about the ranch, but none of them contained the name. It just kept going back to Niman Ranch, but this is a place headquartered in Northern California, not Iowa.

After more digging, I finally came across a video talking about the start of Chipotle. It started talking about Steve Ells journey to Iowa and his meeting with Paul Willis. Then the video said something that sounded like the name of the farm. I googled the name and apparently it was part of a marketing campaign a while ago that described where Chipotle’s pigs came from. I entered this word in the answer box and………….BooYah got it right. Good luck everyone, you didn’t think I would reveal the answer did you? What fun is that?




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